Solidarity Harvest

2009 Solidarity Harvest
The Solidarity Harvest is about local food, helping out those who've been laid off, and so much more! Since 2003, EMLC and Food AND Medicine's Solidarity Harvest has brought quality Thanksgiving meals to over 3,300 laid off workers and their family mambers in Eastern Maine. In addition, the program brings unions, farmers, and small businesses together in solidarity to work toward long-term solutions that will build our local economy and keep jobs in Maine. As much as possible, we buy or accept donations of only fresh, local foods.

The Eastern Maine Labor Council endorsed these principles for the 2009 Solidarity Harvest at our September 2009 meeting:

1. Thanksgiving Meals. Organize unions, farmers, small businesses and workers to come together to provide locally grown or sourced food for Thanksgiving meals to about 150 laid off workers and families with children in trying circumstances.

2. Social Movement. Encourage conversations about, directly support, and create a regional social movement for the following interdependent issues that are each necessary to ensure that all children have access to healthy, sustainable, local food:

  • good jobs with dignity for families
  • local, sustainable, family agriculture
  • a real social safety net, so that nobody has to choose between food, medicine, housing and other basic necessities

3. Community Organizing. Organize a broad and dynamic group of organizations--including faith groups, unions, farms, farm organizations, small businesses, and government bodies--to support the Solidarity Harvest goals.

4. Leadership Development. Organize those who are directly affected (i.e. families, children, farmers, laid-off workers, working poor, those who work with children) to have a role in creating awareness & change on the issues that Solidarity Harvest supports.

Participating Organizations: None of this would be possible without the help of many unions, farms, faith organizations, local businesses, laid off workers, and other volunteers who have and continue to donate money, time, and produce.

The EMLC extends tremendous thanks to all of the following unions and other organizations for their support and/or donations:

Farms & Small Businesses

Beech Hill Farm
Best Friend's Daycare
Carding Brook Farm
Crown of Maine Coop
Darthia Farm
Double Bit Farm
Fisher Farm
Frank's Bakeshop
Freedom Farm
Grassland Organic Farm
Happy Town Farm
Hatchet Cove Farm
Kate's Homemade Butter
King Hill Farm
Kousky Farm
Mandala Farm
Mingo Farms
Morning Glory Bakery
Old Oake Farm
Orizaba Farm
Parker Produce
Peacemeal Farm
Schartner Farms
Smith Farm
Snakeroot Farm
Tide Mill Farm
Underhill Farm
University of Maine
Cooperative Extension
Village Farm
Wickett Farm




Unions & Organizations

APWU 536
Building Trades
Central Maine Labor Council
Communication Workers of America
CWA 1400
Charleston Pentecostal
Eastern Maine Labor Council
Food AND Medicine
Firemen & Oilers
IAM 1821
IAM Baileyville
IAM 2336
IAM District 4
IBEW 567
IBEW 1253
IBEW 1837
IBEW 2327
IUOE Local 4
Maine Building Trades
Maine Education Association
Maine People's Alliance
Maine Women's Lobby
MSEA-SEIU Kids First
Maine State Nurses Association
NALC 391
Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine
USW 80
USW 261
USW 1188
Student Labor Action Project
Waterville Typographical Union 643
Western Maine Labor Council